Yuta and his strange Friends (Yuta to Fushigina Nakamatachi)

Today I will talk about ‘Yuta and his strange friends’.
The Japanese name is ‘Yuta to fushigina nakamatachi’.
This program is played by Gekidan Shiki. (Shiki Company)

Yuta who is a transfer student go to a peaceful village in Tohoku area.
Tohoku is a district in Japan.
However, he can’t adapt himself to the new friends, and many students in the village bully him.
One day an old man talks to him a story of ‘Zashiki Warashi’.
Zashiki Warashi is a Japanese hobgoblin that is children.
This hobgoblin is not horrible, and if there is Zashiki Warashi in your home, you will happy.
After Yuta hear the story of Zashiki Warashi, he meets Zashiki Warashis.
He makes friends with them, and spends much time with them.
Then Yuta become strong and gentle and he can make friends with the children of the village.

This musical is set in Tohoku, Japan, and use Japanese style music, so if you enjoy Japanese musical, this musical is good for you!!
Yuta and Zashiki Warashis

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