Elisabeth 3

Ich gehör nur mir”, “I belong to me” (English), “Watashi dakeni” (Japanese) is the most famous song in Elisabeth.
At a young age, Elisabeth (Sisi), grown up in a good environment, experiences her first encounter with Death, a dashing handsome young man, which launches a love-hate affair that will span her entire life.
Lucheni claims that once Franz Joseph, the Emperor of Austria, picks Elisabeth as his bride - for once opposing his domineering mother Sophie - he began a chain of events that eventually toppled the Habsburg empire.
Elisabeth herself very soon comes to regret her seemingly "fairy-tale marriage" as the biggest mistake of her life. She feels abandoned by her careless husband, psychologically abused by her possessive mother-in-law and is chronically depressed due to her loneliness.
This song describes her mind. I like this song very much!!

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