Yuga Yamato


Yuga Yamato is not a famous actor in Japan.

She was an actress of Takarazuka, and now she is free-lance actor.
Actor of Takarazuka have stage name, so her real name is not Yuga Yamato but Kaoru Tanioka.
I like her since 2005 when I saw her stage 'Hotel Stella Maris' (musical play) and 'Revue legend' (revue show).

Takarazuka's performances are usually composed of musical play (act 1) and revue show (act 2).
Yuga Yamato is called 'Tanichan' by Takarazuka fan because her real name is Kaoru Tanioka.
Tanichan is not good at singing, but she is very glaring, so she became Top Star.

I don't have time to explain Top Star or other information of Takarazuka, so if you are interested in Takarazuka, please visit this home page.

                Takarazuka First Stage (all about Takarazuka written in English)

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