Singin' in the Rain♪

Singin' in the Rain is an American comedy musical film in 1952.

It is also played in performing art, like musical stage.
In Japan it was played by Takarazuka twice, Shochiku company, and other small companies.

In last summer vacation, I went to see 'Singin' in the Rain' by SEIREN MUSICAL COMPANY (a small semiprofessional company)
My high school senior joined this company after graduation from high school, and I often see the performance of SEIREN.
It is small company, but the part of Kathy Selden was taken by a nice actress who appeared on Japanese Les Miserables by TOHO Musical Company.
She has very clear and powerful voice, and is very cute!
Her name is Rie Kitagawa,(she is not famous in Japan) and I think she will appear other big stages!!

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