Romeo and Juliette Japanese Takarazuka Ver.

 Today I will talk about 'Romeo and Juliette' which is Japanese Takarazuka version.
From Jan. 1. 2011 to Mar. 20. 2011 'Romeo and Juliette' was played by Takarazuka Musical Company.
There are only women in Takarazuka, so the role of Romeo and other male part played by women.
The role of Romeo played by Kei Otozuki.
She is little short as male part (OTOKO YAKU).
I think, however, she is good at song and she shines.
She is very very empathic with role.
So the song she sang is impression.

Takarazuka's lessons are 'Be pure', 'Be rightly', 'Be beautiful'. (Kiyoku, Tadashiku, Utsukushiku in Japanese)
So the stage direction of Takarazuka's import play is sometimes moderate than original play.

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