Ocean's Eleven

‘Ocean’s Eleven’ has high popularity because famous actors appeared in the movie.
Takarazuka Musical Company made the movie into musical!

The scene of this movie is in Las Vegas.
Danny Ocean and 10 fellows rob money of the biggest casino in Las Vegas.
It is a suspense action.

Its musical is directed by Syuichiro Koike.
The stage is very gorgeous because of the magical illusion.
The switch from scene of jail to scene of in Las Vegas draws the audience.
Dance of male part in suit is very cool!!

Reon Yuzuki performs the role of Danny Ocean.
Her song, dance, and acting is sexually attractive!
She seems to acquire the dandy and adult atmosphere.
Nene Yumesaki (Link: 2:04~) performs the role of Tess Ocean, Danny’s wife who asks Danny for divorce.
She acts an intelligent woman who has loneliness.

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  1. Wow! I cant believe Takarazuki did a version of Ocean's 11. Was it the original Frank Sinatra version or the Clooney/Pitt version??