Today I’m going to write the lyrics of ‘Mungojelly and Rumpleteazer’ which is Japanese version.
I translated into English.
I was enjoyed this translation.

‘Mungojelly and Rumpleteazer’

Mungojelly and Rumpleteazer are notorious couple.
They impersonate comedian, tightrope walker, acrobat, and so on.
Let’s make money, and buy a luxurious mansion!
But the mansion is merely a base of operation.
We wander from place to place all through our life.
One day we passed the target place and stole a few of jewels.
People said ‘Where are Mungojelly and Rumpleteazer!!’
They famous in people, but people can’t take the thieves!



Japanese Mungojelly

In the previous articles (1,2,3) I told about CATS and Musical Club I belonged to.
Rumpelteazer’s partner is Mungojelly. They are couple, and thief.
I think the name of Mungojelly is like 'mango jelly'.
In the scene of Mungojelly and Rumpelteazer, there are only two cats (Mungojelly and Rumpelteazer) on the stage, and they sing and dance.
Their musical number is very funny and cute!
The song which is Japanese version differ from original one.  
I would like to introduce a little of the Japanese lyrics of the Musical number which I translate into English yesterday!



As I told yesterday, when I belonged to Musical Club, and play ‘CATS’ the last year.
Usually, the second-year students of high of Musical Club play the main role of programs.
The number of my party was 19.
This number is larger than usually.
Many musical programs have only two or three.
However! The roles appear in CATS are all main character, I think.
The leading character is not decided, and all character is important.
We decided the roles by giving an audition, and my role was decided as ‘Rumpleteazer’.

I can't mention 'My Rumpleteazer', so maybe I will talk about that in next article.



Japanese Rumpleteazer (on the male cat)

When I was in high school I belonged to Musical Club, and I play CATS with the member of the club.
I played the role of ‘Rumpleteazer’.
The names of cats have some little meaning, but I don’t know the detail.
For example,the meaning of ’Rumpleteazer’ is ‘rumpled’ and ‘tease’ maybe, so the impression of ‘Rumpleteazer’ is ‘curious’ and ‘very alert in its movement’.
I would like to talk about ‘My Rumpleteazer’ tomorrow.



Japanese CATS
‘CATS’ is very famous musical in the world.
CATS’ composed of song and dance, and have little story.
Individual cats song and dance in the dumping ground, and the role of people are not appear in this story.
It was the lonest-run program before ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ broke the record of ‘CATS’.


Ocean's Eleven

‘Ocean’s Eleven’ has high popularity because famous actors appeared in the movie.
Takarazuka Musical Company made the movie into musical!

The scene of this movie is in Las Vegas.
Danny Ocean and 10 fellows rob money of the biggest casino in Las Vegas.
It is a suspense action.

Its musical is directed by Syuichiro Koike.
The stage is very gorgeous because of the magical illusion.
The switch from scene of jail to scene of in Las Vegas draws the audience.
Dance of male part in suit is very cool!!

Reon Yuzuki performs the role of Danny Ocean.
Her song, dance, and acting is sexually attractive!
She seems to acquire the dandy and adult atmosphere.
Nene Yumesaki (Link: 2:04~) performs the role of Tess Ocean, Danny’s wife who asks Danny for divorce.
She acts an intelligent woman who has loneliness.


Disney Music

I don't familiar with Disney movies and music, but I know some famous Disney music.
Disney movies are often made into musical.
In Japan, for example, 'Lion King', 'Beauty and the Beast', and 'AIDA' are played by Gekidan Shiki.
(AIDA is not movie originally. Disney made it from Aida←opera)

Last year I saw 'Lion King' at Theater Spring (SHIKI GEKIJO HARU).
Gekidan Shiki Company has many theaters to play musical.
Lion King is the story of animals, so the roles are all animals.
The performance of actors are wonderful, so animals played by man are not seen strangely.
I like Disney music!


Romeo and Juliette Japanese Takarazuka Ver.

 Today I will talk about 'Romeo and Juliette' which is Japanese Takarazuka version.
From Jan. 1. 2011 to Mar. 20. 2011 'Romeo and Juliette' was played by Takarazuka Musical Company.
There are only women in Takarazuka, so the role of Romeo and other male part played by women.
The role of Romeo played by Kei Otozuki.
She is little short as male part (OTOKO YAKU).
I think, however, she is good at song and she shines.
She is very very empathic with role.
So the song she sang is impression.

Takarazuka's lessons are 'Be pure', 'Be rightly', 'Be beautiful'. (Kiyoku, Tadashiku, Utsukushiku in Japanese)
So the stage direction of Takarazuka's import play is sometimes moderate than original play.


Singin' in the Rain♪

Singin' in the Rain is an American comedy musical film in 1952.

It is also played in performing art, like musical stage.
In Japan it was played by Takarazuka twice, Shochiku company, and other small companies.

In last summer vacation, I went to see 'Singin' in the Rain' by SEIREN MUSICAL COMPANY (a small semiprofessional company)
My high school senior joined this company after graduation from high school, and I often see the performance of SEIREN.
It is small company, but the part of Kathy Selden was taken by a nice actress who appeared on Japanese Les Miserables by TOHO Musical Company.
She has very clear and powerful voice, and is very cute!
Her name is Rie Kitagawa,(she is not famous in Japan) and I think she will appear other big stages!!


Yuga Yamato


Yuga Yamato is not a famous actor in Japan.

She was an actress of Takarazuka, and now she is free-lance actor.
Actor of Takarazuka have stage name, so her real name is not Yuga Yamato but Kaoru Tanioka.
I like her since 2005 when I saw her stage 'Hotel Stella Maris' (musical play) and 'Revue legend' (revue show).

Takarazuka's performances are usually composed of musical play (act 1) and revue show (act 2).
Yuga Yamato is called 'Tanichan' by Takarazuka fan because her real name is Kaoru Tanioka.
Tanichan is not good at singing, but she is very glaring, so she became Top Star.

I don't have time to explain Top Star or other information of Takarazuka, so if you are interested in Takarazuka, please visit this home page.

                Takarazuka First Stage (all about Takarazuka written in English)


Review of Romeo and Juliette 3

Today I will talk about the Musical Numbers in Romeo and Juliette.
This musical played in Japan came from France.
I learned French little as the second foreign language.
So, I almost can sing and understand the songs.
I like 'Le Balcon' the best.
I don't know William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliette, but I think that the lyric of this song come from original one.


La Rose de Versailles

 Do you know 'La Rose de Versailles'?
It is one of the best-known titles in shojomanga and a media franchise created by Riyoko Ikeda.
Japanese title is 'Berusaiyu no bara'.
Berusaiyu no Bara has also been dramatized for Takarazuka Revue by Shinji Ueda. Rose of Versailles has been called Takarazuka's most popular show. The show's role in Takarazuka history is particularly notable as it established the "Top Star" system that remains in place to this day.


I dreamed a dream

I go to Ritsumeikan University in Japan, and today I watched ‘I dreamed a dream’ sung by Susan Boyle on you tube in English class.

Susan Boyle and this song became popular, but how do many people know that this song is used in 'Les Misérables' ?(musical being born in France)

This musical almost consists of songs, and have few lines.
When Fantine, one of the central characters, was fired she sang this song.

I think the background of this song in musical and Susan Boyle's feeling are litter different.
I want everyone to know about this song and  'Les Misérables'. 


Review of Romeo and Juliette 2

In the previous diary, I wrote my review of 'Romeo and Juliette' about Romeo.
Today I will talk about Juliette.
Juliette is also 'double cast' ,it means two actors play same role, and I saw Natsumi Kon's Juliette.
Surprisingly, she is the same age as me! (20 years old)
She debut on professionnal stage in this work.
She has very clear and powerful voice.

Juliette is single minded, so she decided to die because Romeo had died.
Seeing their strong love, I wanted to love my boyfriend more.


Review of Romeo and Juliette 1

Recently, I saw Romeo and Juliette at Umeda Arts Theater.
This program was born in France, and last year, Takarazuka did this program.
I saw Takarazuka's Romeo & Juliette and was very moved, so I decided to go to see the other company's.

The part of Romeo is “double cast”, it means two actors play same role, and I saw Yu Shirota's Romeo.
He is actor who was born Japan, but have Spanish nationality because his mother is Spanish.
He has very beautiful voice, and is very tall, so Romeo fitted  for him.