Mitsuyuki Douguchi

Today, I introduce an actor of Gekidan Shiki to you.

His name is Mitsuyuki Douguchi.

I was attracted by his voice in 2006.

He acted in “Yume kara sameta yume (Dream after awaking from dream)” and do the part of Meso.

I saw “Dream after awaking from dream” in 2006, and played it with my friends in my junior high school.

Meso was a high school student and took an examination for university, but he did't pass the exam, so committed suicide.

I send a letter to Mitsuyuki Doguchi.
I had heard that the members of Gekidan Shiki Company don't return a letter from their fan.
However, I got his answer!!
I was very surprised, and I treasured the letter.

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