Mitsuyuki Douguchi

Today, I introduce an actor of Gekidan Shiki to you.

His name is Mitsuyuki Douguchi.

I was attracted by his voice in 2006.

He acted in “Yume kara sameta yume (Dream after awaking from dream)” and do the part of Meso.

I saw “Dream after awaking from dream” in 2006, and played it with my friends in my junior high school.

Meso was a high school student and took an examination for university, but he did't pass the exam, so committed suicide.

I send a letter to Mitsuyuki Doguchi.
I had heard that the members of Gekidan Shiki Company don't return a letter from their fan.
However, I got his answer!!
I was very surprised, and I treasured the letter.



MAMMA MIA! is one of my favorite musicals.
When I was in junior high school and high school, I belonged to Musical club.
I sang and danced.
In first year, we played MAMMA MIA!, so it's a unforgettable play.

Japanese MAMMA MIA!

The story is set in a hotel in Greek island which is imaginary.
Donna Sheridan who is an owner of a hotel, and Sophie who is Donna's daughter, live in the island.

Sophie's marriage ceremony is going to be hold tomorrow, and invited guests arrive at the island by ship.
Donna goes to greet Losey and Tanya who are her old friends, and is pleased with the reunion with them.
Sophie reveals a plan to her friends. 
Sophie read secretly mother's diary. 
She has noticed that there are three possible father, and sent a invitation letter to the three men. (She used her mother's name) 
Sophie wishes she would like to walk along a virgin load with her father. 
Of course, Donna does not know this plan. 
Possible father, Sam, Bill, and Harry return to the island to meet Donna after an interval of 20 years.


All songs in MAMMA MIA! is ABBA's song.
This song is used in the scene that Donna and Sophie talk with each other in the previous night of Sophie's marriage. 
Donna is a single mother, so she loved much her daughter Sophie, I think.
Sophie is much oblige to her mother for bringing up her.

Their feelings to Sophie's marriage moved me to tears.


I Love Musicals

Hello. My name is Marina.
I love musicals.

My favorite company are Gekidan Shiki, Takarazuka (Japanese theatrical companies),  etc.
I also see the plays of companies which is not famous.

In this blog, I intend to write about
・criticism about plays that I saw or will see
・fan, members of theatrical companies, rules of theater going
・my opinions on online news about this field
・advertisements of musicals
・musical songs used in TV commercial or TV programs

↑This is just a plan, so it is possible that contents will be different little.